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Problems with drivers


I had a problem in the last few weeks: my Alienware m14x has had it's hard drive turn corrupt on me. I called dell support, and they replaced it. I re-installed windows 7 SP1 64  bit. I was able to download some of the drivers but, some of them refuse to work, saying: "this software package cannot be installed on your system." This is odd, because I downloaded all the drivers from the list of ones available after entering my service tag. There were 13, and they were all for my computer's model. The driver that concerns me the most is my nvidia one for my graphics card. It will not install because it says an Intel driver is needed. I have an Nvidia Geforce GT 555M in my computer, but my graphics are coming from my secondary card right now. So, I would like to know where I could download an intel driver that would, in turn, allow me to install my nvidia driver for my graphics card. If some kind of live support is available, I would be open to that.

Thank you

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Re: Problems with drivers

Hi  bennyben1993,

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After reinstalling Windows you need to install the drivers in the correct order as given in the link below :


Since you have already reinstalled the drivers try installing the chipset drivers first followed by Intel Video card driver and than the Nvidia Geforce GT 555M driver.

Chipset :




Video cards:

Intel ® HD Graphics 3000 : www.dell.com/.../DriverFileFormats

Nvidia Geforce GT555M : www.dell.com/.../DriverFileFormats

Let me know if this helps,

Thank You

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