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Question about command center software

There was a thread about not useing the one on the resorce dist . If I call Tech support could I get a new disk with the right CC software .

Alienware Aurora,black,17-975 OC 4.0,6gb corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600mhz memory,saphire HD 5850 1gb DDR3 GPU,640gb HD,custom liquid cooling,875 watt psu,DVD/CD RW,BLUray,19&1 reader,window 7 64,AO9 bios

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Re: Question about command center software


Hi Cowboycat,


Your best bet would be to create your own from from the Dell web site and keep it up to date as the software is updated. If you get the latest from tech support on disk it would become redundant again at the next update. Your service tag should allow you to get the correct drivers and software for your machine.



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