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Question to Sales and Support

When a product refresh is about to take place how long in advance are you notifed so you can undertake training on the new product listings and options that come with it?

I've heard it's only 24 hours in advance but I find that very difficult to swallow considering the amount of staff that are employed and the need for all staff to be aware. A major product refresh in my opinion would surely be relayed weeks in advance to the various team memebers so that it can be carefully orchestrated.

How long is it before you know of potential manufacturing faults like hinge breaks on laptop scareens, GPU over heating issues due to poorly designed heat sinks in mobile platforms that are to be rectified in R2, R3 releases?




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Re: Question to Sales and Support

Hi Barrow,

Unfortunately we do not discuss business related operations. But if you need assistance, we would be happy to help you.

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