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R2 Alpha + Graphics Amp + HTC Vive = :-(

Well, got the i7 R2 Alpha, and am having a terrible time trying to get my HTC Vive working on it :-(

Got an 1070 to go into the amplifier, which is this one: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/asus-geforce-gtx-1070-asus-turbo-8gb-gddr5-vr-ready-graphics-card-19...

It's the only one I could find that is a blower style, which is best for the amplifier enclosure and also has 2 x HDMI outputs, one for the TV and one for Vive.

So, it's all hooked up and initially work's ok, using the USB port's on the back of the amplifier but I keep getting loss of tracking from the headset?! Only manage to get a few minutes out of it at best. I am 100% convinced this is a USB problem, as when I get loss of tracking, my wireless keyboard & mouse stop responding too, and the USB dongle is plugged into the amplifier. I occasionally get a USB device error message pop up in windows too!

I have to either reboot my Alpha, or fully unplug and reconnect the link box thingy to get it working again.

I've tried disabling all power management settings, and unticking the box to allow windows to shut down the device in every USB hub/device in device manager to save power.

When playing Elite Dangerous (not in VR) I was getting weird controlled lag as well from my Thrustmaster, which is also plugged into the amp!

Any ideas guys?

One thing that may make a difference, is I've just seen on dell support for the R2, there is now a specific Graphics Amplifier software download, which wasn't there before!! Would that have different USB drivers for the amp? When I got my amp I just plugged it in, so never downloaded any software for it etc, and I'm running a generic Windows 10 version installed fresh from a USB, not the one that came with my R2. So no specific drivers for the system, just whatever windows has auto installed.

Will that make a difference?

Sorry for the long rambling post lol

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