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R4 Won't Boot - Just loud fan noise

My Alienware R4 has been working great with no issues. I've done nothing to it - no new software or hardware upgrades in months. However, today when I try to turn it on it  just turns the fans on full force and there's no video output. it doesn't show the bios or any video output and it doesn't boot. I'm connected to two displays and neither register anything.

I've tried rebooting, unplugging the cable, etc... and it's always the same result - non-stop fan on full force - for as long as i leave it that way (up to 20 minutes is my longest attempt).

It was hot today, but we have air conditioning so it shouldn't have been any hotter than 77 - 80 degrees F in the room where this computer is kept. Right now it is about 73 degrees and the computer feels cool to the touch everywhere. All other hardware in the room works fine. 

Please help as this is a mission critical system (I blog daily for my business) so i need to get it back online.


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Re: R4 Won't Boot - Just loud fan noise

Since it's a fairly new system it may be best to contact Dell tech support to trouble shoot it.


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