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Resource CD recall??

Any chance Dell/AW could do a recall of this disc to bring up the awareness level of the problem? Or possibly something much more drastic like actually emailing the potentially affected owners? Strangly for me, when I wanted to re-install win7 Ultimate on my  M15x, checking this site first wasn't on my 'to do list'.  And I doubt it will be on anyone elses till they break theirs as well and search for a few days for a fix.




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Re: Resource CD recall??

We stopped sending the CD out awhile back but for customers that already had it in hand, all we could do is proactively message using Social Media. We do not have the email address of all who purchased the PC in retail stores so we could not contact them. At this time, we are replacing the motherboard for effected customers who contact us.

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Re: Resource CD recall??

I am pesuming that the CD in the post is about the CC . If so could we just get another one just in case we were to forget,about the old one on the disk .

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