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So I've owned my M14x for 1 Year now...

and I must say...

its abit of a let down..

I was thinking last night, as I was playing starcraft, on medium settings.... why I was getting alot of freezing in animations.....

then I had to drop it down to "Low" settings to not get any frame rate drops..

and then it dawned on me... I have an i7 with a 3gig graphics card.. I should have to play SC2 on Low settings.

It should be on freaking ULTRA..

When I goto choose what graphical settings to display, it alwasy selects low. why??? I have most updates (except I cant get the new one for some reason, whenever I goto run it, it says not compatiable) and tbh, this has left a very bitter taste in my mouth for what I paid for it...

Can i give it back??

or can someone get my machine to run perfectly??

I could of bought a Toshiba i7 for a 1/3rd the price and it would of done everything this machine can do and more...

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Re: So I've owned my M14x for 1 Year now...

I can tell you, you can't give it back because in all likelihood it can do what it was designed for and that's play games, just maybe not as well as you expect Smiley Sad

You can contact support and see if they can remote diagnose any obvious problems.

My guess is you have a build up of "crap" in the fans, grills etc which needs clearing out.

This would cause the system to overheat and slow down, which at 1 yr old its not uncommon.

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Re: So I've owned my M14x for 1 Year now...

have a look at my bench mark scores..

you cant tell me thats normal??


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