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Sound NEVER comes out of my headphones.

Alright so this has been a problem since i got the bloody thing. Until now it hasn't been a problem that the sound comes out of my speakers, but now i live in an apartment with thin walls, and no one wants to hear me and my skype friends argue as we play a game or some ***.


It's not the headphones.

When i first got the computer when ever i'd try and use headphones it would give a box asking if i wanted to use jack one or two. So after the billionth time of it asking me what jack to use i clicked never show me this again. It had another sound option on it but i cant remember what..

So now when i plug headphones in the sound just continues to come through the speakers.

I've tried opening my playback devices and disabling the speakers, connecting the headphones which say they are Disconnected and nothing happens. the dumb computer doesn't listen.

Other than that i have no quarrels with the machine, but i'd really like to talk to my friends without having one of them suddenly yell out of nowhere and wake people up. This is just really annoying and i'm pretty close to loosing my marbles.

Someone help?

(PS; i think i may have deleted the drivers all together while trying to fix it? i'm not sure. I was an idiot when i first got this thing)

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RE: Sound NEVER comes out of my headphones.

in playback devices did you pick "default playback device"

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RE: Sound NEVER comes out of my headphones.

Yeeeup. Nothing happens :UU

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