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Speakers Clicking - Even After Updating Drivers

I'm having some issues with my laptop. After a stellar 6 months or so the sound just cut one day after an update and is now producing a clicking noise. Best way to describe it is a helicopter type noise coming from the left speaker. Everyone said to update the drivers to the latest as it was a software issue, but that is not working. I uninstalled and used an older driver (before the alienware update version) and it didn't fix a thing. No internal speaker sound at all, just that clicking. Alienware support hasn't contacted me back in over 5 days. I have no idea what to do and I'm aggravated that they won't even attempt to help me.

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Re: Speakers Clicking - Even After Updating Drivers

Hi ‌,

I'm sorry for the experience with techsupport, please send me a private message with the service tag so I can assist you.

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