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Suggestions for Video Card Replacement Area 51

Running dual ATI Radeon 5770 graphics on Alienward Area 51 model purchased in 2010.  Any suggestions on updating/replacing graphics cards?

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RE: Suggestions for Video Card Replacement Area 51

here we got a solo 7990 working; it required additional items to work w/the stock psu/mthrbrd :

Caliber of cards like Dual 7990's & equivalent power requirements most likely need a psu upgrade, & then thermal-issues need addressed. (92mm rear case fan, dual top 120mm fans etc).

Here, a 290x with success:

Before it was discontinued, Area51 came with dual 6990's, or 590's. Tom's video chart (copy/paste):

I do not give make/model recommendations; I'll chime in to help you run whatever you decide to get.


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