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Support Alienware M17x R3 ---> Windows 8!


On behalf of many French players, and probably many others in the world, I tell you, WE ARE FURIOUS!

Alienware laptop as I have R3 listening envirion € 2,500.
He barely two years.

Is it normal that I can not upgrade to Windows 8 with the drivers provided by Dell / Alienware? I did not pay enough money to have a real right to follow?

Alienware makes us believe that we are exceptional customer at the time of purchase. But no follow-up! Windows 8 is not an isolated case! The updates of drivers provided by your site for my computer are all long outdated!

At the beginning of 2013, I managed to have the customer service (very hard to get).
He told me that the consideration of R3 to upgrade to Windows 8 will be available soon.

We are soon in July 2013 and STILL NOTHING!


I have at least 5 friends who replaced Alienware sold. They bought an ASUS REPUBLIC OF GAMER and destroy you in all gamers forums!

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Re: Support Alienware M17x R3 ---> Windows 8!

well ASUS ROG... cant even compare to my M18X R2 ... so destroy you in performance AND price Smiley Surprised lol

windows 8? why? not really good for anything its more a pain in the back then anything , its awesome on my Lenovo tablet touchscreen but for a mainstream OS I rather my windows 7...

I know dell should  be  updating drivers but  after reading some  have got 8 to work but seems more bios level issue then anything..

you now all those parts inside.. like amd video/NVidia video, intel wirelesss, ect.. the companies also have drivers for them..  and are constantly updated.... maybe try that way? little harder since you neeed to know exact model# of everything but works fine in any regards ..

Asus laptop are honestly a joke, I found the quality sub par, and it sits here for my 7 year old (G73sw)  to play sesame street, oh wait my wifes ACER is faster and has same video and dosent overheat  go figure due to costant heat isssues that ASUS refused to acknnoledge during warranty. Warrannty is worst then dells, I  don't like shipping back rather the outsourced tech that yells at me I know nothing to shut up he knows what he is  doing(my M17x R2)  and bricking the machine..

Do wat I did and always do, search the net , notebookforums and so on have a lot of good info on upgrading the R3 to winblows 8

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Re: Support Alienware M17x R3 ---> Windows 8!

ASUS computers are not the subject of my query.

And the price I paid for the pc, I have the right to require the inclusion of the updated Windows 8 by dell for my R3.

Thank you not to respond and let Dell react as it should.

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Re: Support Alienware M17x R3 ---> Windows 8!

You can try submitting a thread at ideastorm.com

Our engineers will review it and apply it if they consider it good. The more votes you get, the bigger chances you will have to get it.

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