Switching an Alienware HDD to SSD from another Alienware


    I was curious about how to switch a HDD to SSD that was previously in another computer. 

So I have last years Alienware Alpha (i7 1tb SSD and upgraded to 16gb RAM) I have many files, programs and steam games on there about 650gb+ worth. Now with my work I need to upgrade my system, so I was able to get a great deal on the Alienware x51 R3 with the i7 and HDD. What I would like to do is put the 1tb SSD in the x51 R3 so I can have all my files and then just buy a small 250gb SSD and put it in the Alpha so I can pass down my old set up to my nephew. They both run windows 10 64-bit 

i wasn't sure if it was as easy as just removing the SSD, put it into a 2.5" to 3.5" converter and that's it, or if their are other precautions I need to take to make sure my files and everything are kept in place. I edit photos and videos for a living so I am a novice when it comes to computer hardware and builds, if you have any suggestions, please put them in layman's terms, I am not very good when it comes to stuff like this.



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RE: Switching an Alienware HDD to SSD from another Alienware


As far as hardware, the SSD is fully compatible, but the software (drivers) on both computers is different, so probably the computer won't boot into Windows.

We will recommend you to create a backup of the 1TB SSD before put it into the X51 R3, then clean the SSD by reinstalling Windows and at the end, transfer all data back.

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