Thermal Controller Exception at boot after windows update

This has been rough but .... I figure it out without going through AlienWare song and dance solution, which I had tried once and did not work.

We've all have suffered his after a windows update but not necessarily the LAST update. Before I had the problem Windows added 47 updates at one shot although I have set it up not to do it .. but I digress

I had an AlienWare tech here about a different problem (the power hang that requires power discharge even if the PC is off) he have up on both problems and  just gave up and told me to keep digging.

This morning I Goggled  the problem & found someone mentioned that he/she fixed their problem with a repair and not the uninstall that Alienware recommends which requires registry entries etc and it did not work for me. 

I went with the repair option. It took forever... but I did get an error that a required folder in my user file did not exist !

Fortunately the whole address of the missing folder was in the error  and it was not MY user file. I searched for the GUID on my system and found it on  

C:\Users\USERNAME.bak\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations\{7867F644-27E9-435E-8168-7676260356C7} (USERNAME stands for my username)

I changed to 

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData (My correct user ID)

and the folders(in red)  \Appdata\Local\Downloaded Installations\{7867F644-27E9-435E-8168-7676260356C7} did not exist

I manually added the folders (in red) and copied all the folders in the User.bak under the USERNAME directory

then I grabbed all the GUID folders and dropped then in the newly made Downloaded Installations.

The REPAIR continued successfully and I was asked to reboot. After a reboot VOILA  all is fine.

This took longer to write that it took in doing so dont be discouraged. Now, the question .

Why isn't this given as a solution , why were these Alienware files in a Downloaded Installation subdir  & why did I windup with a USERNAME.BAK subdir. With this I am assuming that Alienware can write a patch program in about an hour that will do this for you automatically but in the meantime.. have fun boys and girls


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RE: Thermal Controller Exception at boot after windows update

Thanks’ for sharing Mickavellian!

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RE: Thermal Controller Exception at boot after windows update

Thanks, maybe you need a job in Dell Techie dept? good one, clever...

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