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Things to know about the Alienware M11x

It's a fact that the M11x redefines the concept of portable PC gaming. Never before has it been possible to have this much power in this small of a package. There are a few cool features of the M11x that could probably use a bit more explanation, so I thought I'd drop by and share.

 Three features you should know about your new M11x system:

1. Binary GFX – this is the feature that allows you to switch between performance and extended battery life. By Pressing the Function + F6 keys, the system will toggle between the integrated graphics (longer battery life) and the nVidia discrete graphics (gaming performance). Switching between modes does not require a reboot. Certain applications will require closing before a graphics switch can be made.

2. Steam – this is a free digital download client that comes with a free copy of the game Portal. To retrieve your game, simply create a free Steam account or login using your existing account.

3. DataSafe Local – This feature gives you a third backup option to backup your image to a USB key or DVD (requires an optional optical drive).

These features are also covered in the user’s manual and within the software itself.

 Happy gaming!

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I wish the overclock feature was also a binary switch, rather than a bios toggle.  Asus clocks their SU7300s at 1.73ghz as standard and the Binary switch knocks it down to 1.3ghz.  The SU7300 has such a high ceiling the 33% increase results in only one degree temp increase and less than a 10% increase in battery life.

On a side note, do you see units shipping in the US before March or still the first week?



About that side note I would love to know the answer to that as well. Not a single barely speaking english representative can tell me anything but check your order status online

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Does anyone know who makes the optional 256GB SSD for the M11x?


I think I found the answer to my own question:

The Dell SSD is the same Samsung MLC model, also rebranded as the OCZ Summit.  Basically the lowest performing SSD available.


If you're thinking about a SSD, your best bet is to get an Intel or OCZ Vertex seperately.



Sorry I didn't reply earlier I was just looking at the same sites

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Yes its quite evident that its a nice laptop, its just a shame that your customer service is dreadful and your rate of manufacturing these machines is even worse.

Its also a shame that you double the price tag for anyone not in the US and a crying shame that even if we choose to accept these horrific realities, we're treated to a months wait for these machine while they sit in a warehosue somewhere.

Happy gaming to you too.


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