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To enquire something about battery life.

Hello Community, I recently purchased an alienware 17. I'm enjoying 99% of it except one thing. Thats less game time due to battery drainage. The problem I'm facing is, while playing heavy games like GTA 5, the battery drains very quickly. And if I keep the charger plugged in all the time, It may damage the battery's capacity. I heard of the desktop mode battery charge, but it gets enabled after 2 weeks of continuous charging. Now I really I'm frustrated because of  not having a solution. I really wanna play on it for 5-6 hours straight but am not able to figure out how. Please Help me. Thanks 

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RE: To enquire something about battery life.

A couple of things.

First, it's ok to keep Lithium (Ion and Poly) fully or mostly charged.

Second, most laptop batteries are "Smart" these days, so there is a circuit that monitors their health and prevents over-charging.

You should be fine. However, it would not hurt to run the system on battery only (and run down to 25%) ... maybe once or twice a month to "exercise" it.

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RE: To enquire something about battery life.

well  I had my M18X R2 for 3 years till board went south...  in this time it was 110% connected to power it NEVER ran off battery..   it was used for gaming... after 3 years battery capacity was still 102% designed capacity ... originally was 105% . so  id say it did well..

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RE: To enquire something about battery life.

Got it Sir. I was really worried about that. (:

Thank You So Much

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