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Updated bios Computer not working anymore.

I recently updated the bois on my Alienware x51 from 4 to 14(?) and the computer wouldn't allow me to login after it restarted, it asks for the computer to reboot and a proper boot device to be selected.

I had to put my windows 8 install disk in and search for my windows key. I didnt have a windows 8 key (the computer was factory refurbished and bought from an authorised reseller, and I wasnt provided with a key.) So I bought windows 10 and tried installing that. It loads the files and accepts the product key. The computer then prompts me to remove the windows 10 usb, and restart the computer normally. The computer boots and asks to reboot and select the proper boot device, which restarts the process.

With the other install option (custom install) I have the option to choose where to install windows, however none of the drives have enough room (I think, because I cant click next on any of them) and I'm unsure which, if any to format.

I dont care about anything thats on the computer, I just want it working again. 

Cheers for any help

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RE: Updated bios Computer not working anymore.


Please send me a PM with the service tag so I can check your system specifications and help you with the installation.

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