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Upgrade Graphic Card Alienware X51

Hi all !

Iv'e a lot of problem with my Graphic Card ( Nvidia@Gforce GTX660 GDDR5 ) on my Alienware X51.

I need upgrad It ! 

Wich GC as compatible with my configuration ?

Configuration :

CA 330W

I7- 3770


I like Asus GTX960-MON-2GD5 ( It's a compact GC ) It's possible ?

Thank you for your help !

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RE: Upgrade Graphic Card Alienware X51


We did not validate the GTX 960 as a GPU upgrade option for the Alienware X51 R1. However, some users have confirmed success with non-validated GPU upgrades. I found this thread from the Alienware Arena forum which may be helpful.

Alienware Arena

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