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What are comptaible GPUs for the Alienware x51?

I've been trying to look for a graphics card that would be a good upgrade from an AMD Radeon 270x. I have the 2014 Alienware x51 and due to its small size, I've been having a hard time looking a gpu that would fit. I tried out the Gigabytee GTX 1060 Mini 4GB DDR5 but it was too wide for it to fit inside my case so I had to return it. I then tried the Asus AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB GDDR5 but that did not work as well either. If anyone who own an Alienware x51 and knows some good gpu models that would work, please let me know, thanks!. 

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RE: What are comptaible GPUs for the Alienware x51?

depends ..  mine X51 R3 came with a 970 gtx reference blower design ...  also I had upgraded to a 1070 founders edition...  a 1080 can also be done assuming got the 330 watt psu.. search these forums will find a lot of info..

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