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What to do with my remaining Pci lane?

Hey guys I have been wondering that I have a spare pci 16x lane availbled (my specs are below). I could either could buy a internal music card or a single slot graphics card or should I just leave the lane a lone? Also I might be considering an ssd for an os boot up drive so I went to maplin to buy a samsung ssd 60gb but the salesman said it does not make much difference only a faster boot up time and said it was a waste of money and wouldnt do much better then a hdd in other apllications.

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Re: What to do with my remaining Pci lane?

The salesman is in the wrong line of work. Upgrading to a ssd is one of the few upgrades you can notice in real-life. As far as what to get It's really a personal choice that you need to make.


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