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Whay are my Alienware Keyboard Lights no longer working after Windows 10 upgrade?

I have an M14xR2 Alienware but I've had it for probably three years now.

I've had a couple problems with it, but none that I couldn't work around or fix myself but when I upgraded to Windows 10 Command Center for my laptop no longer worked and anytime I would download a new version of it, my Alienware would say that it is not compatible. Now the keyboard lights aren't even turning on no matter how many times I reset the computer, attempt to download command center, or anything.

I recently reset my computer to take out all of my apps and files and when it was all complete, the laptop run perfectly EXCEPT for the fact that it doesn't seem to even recognize the fact that it's an alienware anymore. For example: there isn't even an Alienware folder in OS (C:).

I don't mind that fact it doesn't recognize itself as an alienware (or seems to), it's just annoying to have to strain my eyes to see what I'm typing at night and the keyboard isn't lit.

If anyone knows how I could get Command Center to actually download back onto my computer or perhaps a more manual way to have the keyboard lights turn on again, I would greatly appreciate it.

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RE: Whay are my Alienware Keyboard Lights no longer working after Windows 10 upgrade?


The 14xR2 doesn't support Windows 10, so the command center won't work and there is no way to turn the lights manually. So I will recommend you a rollback to Windows 8.

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