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Will a Corsair H60 CPU Cooling System work on an Alienware Aurora R2?

Need to replace 2009 Dell Alienware Aurora R2 (i5-655k) manufacturer closed loop liquid cooling system.

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Re: Will a Corsair H60 CPU Cooling System work on an Alienware Aurora R2?

the short answer's yes

If you change from the OEM cooler which has a black 7pin power connector end (plugged into your top light strip's 7pin pump header), CmndCntr Status will report your new cooler as failed, which you disregard. Almost all aftermarket retail coolers have a 3pin (non-7pin) end; what that means is that when plugging an H60 into the top light strip, it will plug in 'elsewhere' > to move a cooler from out of the 7pin header automatically = failed

New (non-7pin) coolers plug into the white CPU_Fan spot, Radiator fan (left) stays the same

The 38mm wide PWM Delta or Nidec fan you already have is superior to any 25mm fan included in your box, I'd re-use my 38mm radiator fan. Regardless, plug a rad-fan back into far left System_Fan header

Search terms or derivatives can be input into this forum, google, or youtube for opinions / install / review / tips

  • Alienware Aurora Corsair
  • Alienware Aurora 80i (H50 H60 H70 etc)
  • Alienware Aurora Liquid
  • Alienware Aurora Cooler

Suitable Candidate AlienKoolers


This listing is for the R4 Premium cooler (has a wider 38mm radiator over the R2 25/27mil) part# 01YGW (it's been mislabeled as 7P4JG), it has the correct 7pin power connector end as what your cooling unit has which makes it a direct replacement part. CmndCntr Status will say 'Running'. I would not spend over $65 for a used one, but, here's the upgraded R4 cooler > https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Alienware-Aurora-R4-H2O-Liquid-Cooling-System-PP749-7P4JG/202123261595...

W550R (rigid) K7JKG (soft)

These are Area-51 R1 coolers, which are near identical to what you have, but with a superior copper cold plate. It will come with a 5pin power connector end, you easily transfer your 7pin end onto it in less than 5minutes, CmndCntr Status will say 'Running'


This is the Area-51 R2 cooler, it is similar to H60 in that it also has a 27mm radiator & uses a 3pin power connector end, & would be a perfectly reasonable cooler inside of Aurora R1-R4 > https://www.ebay.com/itm/alienware-liquid-cooler/222729288127?hash=item33dbb339bf:g:ZpkAAOSwrzdZpbu0 


This is the R5 R6 cooler with a 30mm radiator, an R5 model will most likely have a 3-wire 4pin while the R6 'revision'  might have a 4-wire 4pin power connector end (wire pin #4 is a jumper). It might be considered a step up from K31VH and a step down from 01YGW when comparing radiator size

For the above models, re-use your retention ring which is meant for your specific Intel socket type (they will most likely come with their own later / newer / different socket types / different screw mount spacing). How to find a new or used one is up to you

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