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X51 AlienFx questions

Hi. I've recently purchased an Alienware X51 desktop and I've been fiddling around with the AlienFx to try to get it set up for games. However I'm having trouble getting it to detect my Roccat Isku Fx Keyboard. I've updated the drivers to the most recent versions and I've enabled AlienFx in the keyboard's setting. I've also downloaded Roccat Talk and have made sure it is fully updated and working. The device panel should be popping up in the top right hand corner, but the only thing up there is some small letters telling me my current theme. I've also noticed that I don't have the ability to add more than one color per light in the advanced settings. I'd love to fix this so I can make my keyboard respond to whats happening in game!

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RE: X51 AlienFx questions

On the bottom right corner of the Windows taskbar, there should be a little Alien head icon. If your right click on the icon, you should get some options. Look for an option that says "Enable 3rd Party AlienFX Access", click on it and make sure it’s checked.

After doing this, check in the Alien FX menu to see if you now show the panel with the keyboard light settings. Click here to view an article that explains how add more than one color per light in the advanced settings. Please check the video tutorial in the bottom of the article, it should explain how to do it. 

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