X51, Audio (Surround, Rear, Center)

I'm not that techy, so I do apologize in advance if my question sound kind of stupid. (plus i am not native on english so, you might find some grammar mistakes)


I purchased a 5.1 audio system, and tried to connect it, (for me it is properly connected) using the three port out that my alienware x51 has 

Center Speaker
Rear Left/Right Speakers
Side Left/Right Speakers


to connect the CPU to the audio system i use three wires that conenct from audio to component (the 2 wires usually red and white like the ones for the DVD)

again assuming that i am connecting them properly, because i am not pretty sure how to do it, and on the internet i have not being able to find like a guide to do it.


whenever i play something, a video i receive different outcomes

1- Only 2 speakers sound and they play like the music (on the movie) not the voices or other sounds. and if i volume up to the top. i really need to concentrate to hear the voices in the movie.

2- in some movies, or in music. nothing is played, no sound at all. however, if i go to the sound mngr, (the little speaker icon on the taskbar) in windows 8 you will see in detail the sound of every app, program etc that you have openned, so i can see the one for the system and the one for the player i am using to watch the movie or listen the music. the point is, whenever i volumen up or volume down the sound fr the player or the system it self, i can listen the audio of the video or music for a few seconds and then it mutes itself inmediately. and i have already downloaded the latest version of the codecs and software of realtek as stated on other posts, still same issue.

SO, after reading my background, hope you get my explanation xp

my questions are, if you can send me a user guide on how to connect the wires and everything in case my understanding is not that good.

and of course if it is not the problem, how do i solve it. 

thanks in advance

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RE: AUDIO (Surround, Rear, center)

Use the picture below to define the colored jacks. Use the 5.1 audio system manual to verify that you are connecting it correctly.


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