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X51 R2 - Running with Load Fan Noise

I purchased two X51 R2 units for my sons for Christmas. They are using these in the same area, so you can hear both units. One of them is considerably louder then the other one. Its not a bad noise, like a girding or  something rubbing a fan, its just a fan noise. It gets load when they start to play a game, quiets down when they exit the game. But only one of them does this. 

So is this something I should be concerned with on either unit? It seems they both are running fine. 

We have joked it sounds like a plane getting ready to take off. Just wanted to be sure that the one that is quite doesnt have an issue as well. 

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RE: X51 R2 - Running with Load Fan Noise


Sometimes the video card power cables can get in the way of the GPU fan, this can cause a noise as if something was rubbing the fan. Try removing the video card on the one making the noise and make sure to move the video card power cables to the side so that when you install the card again, they do not get in the way of the GPU fan. Click here to view a video that shows how to remove the video card from this system. Let us know how it goes. 

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