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X51 R2

I'm thinking of getting an X51R2 due to its size and I have found one on the outlet store that I really love!  I know by the time this is answered and I make my mind up it will probably be gone but stuff is always popping up there.  Any thoughts on the quality and logevity of this machine?

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RE: X51 R2

For me personally, excellent quality & longevity.

I have a first generation, March 2012, i7 2600 X-51 that I bought refurbished from Newegg for >$1K

Upgraded the RAM to 16GB (when RAM was cheap $64).

Upgraded from the OEM GTX555 to Refurbished 660TI >$200.

Upgraded the GPU a second time to a GTX970 SC.

Added a SSD with the HDD.

Running BIOS ver. A14.

No problems. Not even a hiccup.

502 Steam games.

50 Origin games.

Living Room HTPC with Onkyo HDMI 7.2 Surround

All run great & great fun.

You are going to have to be the judge.

Alienware X51 R1 i7 2600 ❖ 16GB ❖ 512GB SSD ❖ EVGA GTX 970 SC ❖ Win 10 Pro

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