X51 R3 GTX970 i7 Black screen/White Screen

It started off with it randomly after a video or after a few hours changing from my custom resolution on my LCD TV back to a normal resolution so i'd have to reset the resolution

Then earlier it suddenly had the screen go all white. Ctrl Alt Delete did nothing, no cusor, sleep nothing worked. Had to hard reboot. Then a hour later or so boom again only it was a Black Screen this time.

Just got the X51 R3 with GTX 970 I7 3 days ago, and already its having problems. Suggestions? Known bug or issue fixes?

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RE: X51 R3 GTX970 i7 Black screen/White Screen


Make sure your system is running Bios version 1.2.4. Also, can you confirm in which port you are connecting the monitor (there is an on-board HDMI port on the top and then the video card ports on the bottom)?

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