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X51 - Windows 8 Pro Setup disk

This weekend I've been trying to add a new Samsung 830 Series SSD Disk to my X51, in order to use it as a system disk (OS & Apps) while keeping original 1TB HD for data and media.

But when I tried to reboot using the DVD that came with my computer in order to do a clean install on the SSD, I was not able to find the DVD containing Windows OS (my computer came with Windows 8 installed)

 I also tried to boot from the factory image created with AlienRespawn, but as some of you know, it only works if the target disk is similar o bigger than the original disk, so I can't use the factory image in my 256 GB SSD because I need a disk of at least 1TB.

I got two DVD's with my X51

- ALIENWARE X51 Resource DVD - P/N H2NKG - Rev. A00
- DELL Application DVD - P/N 360C7 Rev. A00 (Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials)

I thought Windows was in the AlienWare resource DVD but it seems It only contains drivers.

So my windows 8 media disk was not included with my X51 or maybe is inside my recovery partition and I need to create it first. In the AlienRespawn online help they talk about an option called "create recovery media of the operating system" or something like that (My AlienRespawn is in Spanish), but I can´t find this option in the software maybe it only exist in the premium version ?

Anyway can someone tell me if new X51 shipped with Windows 8, came with an OS media disk or someone have been lucky enough to create the media disk?. can I ask Dell to send me one ? 

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Re: X51 - Windows 8 Pro Setup disk


Dell is not shipping OS disk on new orders, we only send it for troubleshooting purposes, send me a PM and I personally check the options.

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