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X51 carry case options

The X51 is a great portable computer but lugging it around by hand is not ideal (or safe). Any good options you have found for safe convenient portability?

I use my X51 R2 Haswell i7 not for gaming but for hefty stock market programs. I like to transport my X51 between work and home. After some research I ordered a Everki Beacon Gaming Laptop bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find the removable gaming console sleeve in the backpack fits the X51 near-perfectly with some space to breathe. This in turn slides nicely into the backpack without any hassles. When I am at home over weekends or holidays, the console sleeve works great as a dust cover/protector for the X51 on my desk in tower mode. The Everki is a well constructed quality bag and I am very happy with my purchase.

I am told the Alienware Vindicator 18" backpack also fits the X51 but its a small stretch required as it wasn't specifically designed for the X51. It doesn't come with a removable protective console sleeve.

Any other practical portable solutions found by X51 users out there?

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RE: X51 carry case options

I wonder why Alienware has not responded to this question. Liability issues?

It s a shame because the compact nature of the desktop propels people to buy it. Most owners want to be able to carry it around because its compact. The only alternative, which can be carried around, the Alpha is not powerful enough a computer to do everything to the power level of the x51. If there is an Alienware desktop that is mobile, people will buy this instead of the x51.

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