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X51 r2 - can't change product key to Windows 10 Pro


I'm running Win10 Home on my x51 r2 (upgraded from the original Win8 that came preinstalled). I have received a product key for Win10 Pro from my employer and would like to upgrade my installation.  In the control panel I go to "Update & securit" and there to "Activation". On this screen I press "Change product key" and enter the product key on the dialog that opens. When I do this some verification process kicks in and after a few seconds I'm transferred to the next screen where it says that I only need to restart to finish the upgrade process. After the restart however I'm still running Win10 Home edition as if nothing happened. I have repeated this process several times with the same result. Now I'm wondering whether I should install a clean copy of Win10 just to do this upgrade which looks like can be done without me reinstalling everything. Any ideas whats going wrong here?

Here are two screenshots of the screens mentioned above:

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RE: X51 r2 - can't change product key to Windows 10 Pro


Yes, it may be best to do a clean installation of Windows 10 in this case. You could also try posting this on the Microsoft Community forums for assistance.

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