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alienware 18 2015 gpu upgrade

hello i am new here but i own an alienware 18 early 2015 model thet came with an intel core i7 4710MQ 2.5GHZ cpu and gual Nvidia Geforce GTX 860M 2GB in SLI and i was wondering if i can upgrade to dual GTX 980M 8GB... I need to know if its safe to upgrade without modding any thing or replacing any extra components. Any i deas would be Highly appreciated

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RE: alienware 18 2015 gpu upgrade

It's very easy to answer you that such an upgrade by no means will be safe or easy, so before you even attempt it you should understand the risk of burning the two new GPUs that you want to install - 980m is not a cheap gpu... or the motherboard of the laptop. Ok after I said that, the next question, which is the harder one is whether it is possible, mmm take a look here  the person wants to install a single 980m maybe it will be helpful

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RE: alienware 18 2015 gpu upgrade

can be done and can be safely  not sure of the heatsinks on the 18 but i did my upgrade from 680's to 980M's on my few years older  M18x R2  i purchased a kit that was 2 grand at the time and came with everything needed including driver support  and proper video bios's flashed to them  to run on the alienware system.  when i received it was much teardown  install and reassembly..  it did require me to mod nvidia's inf when updated but was fairly simple and the company supported that if you needed it.  but looking back at the cost..  buying a newer system was roughly the same give/take a few bucks .. shortly after my board failed but it was heavily modified  so i stripped it sold off the 980's reinstalled the 680's and sold it off with known dead board.. bought a X51 R3  desktop  instead haha  them modification began all over again hahaha

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RE: alienware 18 2015 gpu upgrade

The GTX 980m is supported on the Alienware 18. You just need the Dell vBIOS for it (if it doesn't already), and it's a regular GPU upgrade process.

The GTX 970m is a cheaper alternative that is also supported and a good upgrade.

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RE: alienware 18 2015 gpu upgrade



These are the validated cards for your model:


Discrete (Dual Configuration):


NVIDIA® N16E-GT (GTX 970M) with 6GB GDDR5 (Oct 2015)
NVIDIA® N16E-GX (GTX 980M) with 8GB GDDR5 (Oct 2015)
AMD Radeon™ R9 M290X,4GB


So, dual GTX 980 is a valid configuration, you just need to have the latest Bios installed and the 330W AC Adapter.

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RE: alienware 18 2015 gpu upgrade

thank you for your reply Eimy, and all of you guys so(Eimy) you mean that i can upgrade up to dual GTX 980Ms without having to change the heatsinks or fans that my system came with? by the way i already use the 330w AC Adapter. and where can i get the parts. thank you

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