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aurora r4 over heat problem!

anybody had problem whit R4 overheating  and how did u fix it ?

tank you luc.

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RE: aurora r4 over heat problem!

You are a part of R4 Nation: your Alien might be infested w/one of a heap of known precocious green weasels. Touch your cooling tubes. is one way hotter than the other? Is your radiator fan at max or close to it? If so, bad idea to keep over-heating your pricey Ivy cpu by keeping your system 'on'.  

Read this article: you tell us what is wrong inside the playground of your R4 ...

if yours is a slimy green varmint like Gold-Fire's, register your weasel in solved!!! for Dell -Alienware & posterity

if you crack it open, and it has the Fukushima Flu: take a pic & post its mug-shot in solved!!! 

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