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i7 960 Cooling problem ?

Hey guys, I just find out that my i7 960 was running @60°C while in idle.


Isn't it concerning ? In the meanwhile, my Alienware Thermal Controller tells me it runs @20-30°C.


How can I fix it ? Of course, i didn't OC my processor or anything, and i'm using the regular water cooling system from my Area 51 ALX. Also, the computer is new so it's quiet strange...

I believe I can just run the fan faster, like 10% faster than the automatic speed, but how ?

Sorry for my bad english

Specs : Area 51 ALX - CPU i7 960 @ 3,20Ghz - 6Go RAM @1333Mhz - 2xNvidia GTX580 SLI - Crucial M4 128Gb SSD - 1To Seagate Barracuda - Killer 2100 Network card

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Re: i7 960 Cooling problem ?

The  60 readings are the chips themselves where the CC temps I was told here are the temps of inside the case.  

DELL XPS 12, also Alienware Area 51 ALX, BIOS A11, Intel I7 990x 3.46GHz, 12 gigs mem, Duel 2TB Seagate HD, Wireless Card, BluRay Writer, CD/DVD Writer, Dual ATI Rad 6870's, Liq. Cooling, Built in Sound,Windows7

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