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iTunes stuttering in Alienware - Fix!

Being a long term iTunes user, I usually transfer all my Albums and Playlists I've amassed over the years to the next machine I upgrade. After carefully transferring all of my iTunes content to the new Alienware 14. I was literally heartbroken to hear the Audio Stuttering [:(] While my 4 year old i3 Vaio played them flawlessly. Re-flashed the Bios, Re-installed the Audio Drivers, Updated and did everything I could possibly do! But the stuttering didn't go away. Searching for a fix over the Internet showed that I wasn't the only one affected with this issue.

I was almost at the verge of giving up, when a pal of mine suggested that I try installing a different version of iTunes called iTunes 12.1 for Windows (64-bit for older video cards) And guess what? That fixed the stuttering. Audio playback was smooth and fluid [:D] So can someone explain to me on what was happening here? What does my pesky vaio have that the Alienware doesn't?

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RE: iTunes stuttering in Alienware - Fix!

Why? Different laptops have different OS, software, hardware, and drivers.

I would start by filing a bug report with Apple about iTunes for Windows (since v12.1 work-around worked).

This will not be easy to troubleshoot, but if you get no answers, ping this post and I might have some things for you to try. Also, report back with Apple's response.

Props to you for knowing how to move your iTunes library over to a new computer without messing it up. [:)]

Have you considered just using iTunes for Library Maintenance ... and finding a more abstracted way of playing the actual media files?

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