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laptop M18x R2, graphic card upgrade?

I have this machine M18x R2, with this graphic card: 2GB GDDR5 Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M.   What are best options to upgrade the card.  Run lots of CAD/3d software.

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Re: laptop M18x R2, graphic card upgrade?

well when i had mine i ran dual 980M's ... there is a company offshore that sells plug and play kits just google search   isnt cheap, when i purchased   while back , i paid 2k for them shipped,  but well worth it from  the 680's i had  but to bad 3 months later i sold it off and got a desktop again

but i can vouch its much plug and play  from the site i got them from with great support i must add, but i dont have the info handy atm...

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