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<HELP> M14x FPS drop after every single PC update.

Hi all,

I have been using my M14x for almost 2 years now and recently my m14x seems to have really bad fps right after every single update.
For example when I would launch dota 2 I would have about 40-50 fps while playing but after every PC update my FPS would drop drastically to about 10-20 fps.
I also noticed that whenever I would have high fps the fan on my M14x would spin fast and produce a noticeable loud sound ( like the fan operating on a desktop)  and if my FPS is really bad the fan would usually spin slowly.

Also prior to this post I have also changed my M14x motherboard about 2-3 times. I have also tried several methods such as adjusting the settings on Nvidia.( Adjusting the 3D setting on Nvidia to suit the best performance) 

Also this problem also seem to come and go but I suspect that after a PC update my m14x performance would drop drastically.

I wonder if it is a graphics card/driver problem or if it is a problem with the fans. Much thanks for help!. Lastly, pardon with my bad English :/.


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Re: <HELP> M14x FPS drop after every single PC update.

Hi Itsmatt,

Checkout this article on slow performance/low FPS.

Let me know if you continue to have problems after the troubleshooting.

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