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m14x drive failure!

Hi everyone,

I just received my brand new Alienware m14x but already my experience went bad.
On boot-up the drive is not always recognized and tries to boot from the network instead.

However, when the drive does eventually boot, it stops at the the Windows login and gives my a classic BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.
Even when booted in safemode, checking the disk.. the drive causes a core-dump segfault.

Anyone else experiencing this?


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Re: m14x drive failure!

I'm also getting bluescreens right after startup. The only way I can do absolutley anything on this is if I start the computer up in safe mode. I'm really hoping I can get this fixed...I don't want to have to end up calling up Dell and trying to get myself a refund or replace. This is far too good of a computer to be experiencing crashing and BSOD on startups...

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