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m14x power problems

So I've had my M14x for about 6 months now and just started having an issue with the laptop. Basically everytime i try to power on the laptop and i move it in any direction it will shut off. It does this both on batter and A/C power. If i sit the laptop down on a desk and power it on it starts powering up and then shuts off. After the second or third time of doing this with it on the desk it powered up and started a ckdsk right away. I have tested the HDD and it is good. Also it has only done the ckdsk once since this has started happening. It only seems to do this after i power off the laptop and power it on the next day. it started happening a couple days ago, but once it powers on and loads windows i havent had any problems with it. its just when i power it on after its been off for awhile. Was wondering if anyone has had this problem or knows what it causing it. Any help would be appreciated....

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