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m15x disc drive

I have an alienware m15x with win7 and my disc drive ins't working properly. the device management says it is but anytime I put in a disc either cd or dvd format it automatically pops out. I've done a complete virus scan and tried rebooting the system and that didn't work. if you could help me out.

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DELL-Sujatha K
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Re: m15x disc drive

Hi 13johnsonsp,

Please flash BIOS from the link given below:


Note: While flashing BIOS connect the Ac adapter and make sure the battery has minimum 15% charge as this needs uninterrupted power supply. Do not use the system till it restarts and comes up to the desktop.

Revert with the status.

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Re: m15x disc drive


If updating the BIOS doesn't work, you can try the steps in this article:

Alienware Systems: Optical Drive not reading discs or ejecting the discs 

Specially the one that says "Delete Upper / Lower Filters"

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