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m17x r3 NVidia GTX 580M graphics card performing poorly

Greetings everyone, I'm having a lot of issues with the mentioned laptop. Despite being supposedly, a gaming laptop, the graphics card is running VERY poorly. I can't even run LoL decently at medium settings, and am currently at a loss to what to do. Here's what I've tried so far:

-It's been acting like this since day 0 from a clean install

-Already uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers, several times, both from NVidia

-Uninstalled and reinstalled Alien OSD, it claims "your graphics solution is automatically configured for optimal performance

-Tried forcing system to use NVidia card by disabling integrated graphics, screen goes black and nothing else

-Benchmarks give me real low grades, MSI Kombustor reports using the dedicated graphics card, but doesn't get past 7 fps on most tests.

Already opened laptop, I see no excessive amount of dust, and nothing blocking the fans. Checked RAM as well, seems to be working fine.

What could possibly be causing this?

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RE: m17x r3 NVidia GTX 580M graphics card performing poorly


Try running an ePSA/Diagnostic test on the system, click here to view a Dell article that explains how to run this test. Let me know if you receive any errors. 

Also try running a video card stress test. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • Open Support Assist
  • Click on the Checkup option
  • Click Run Custom Scan
  • Click on the Nvidia/AMD card
  • Select the Stress Test option

If you do not have Support Assist installed, click here for the download link. Let me know how high the GPU temperature goes in the stress test. 

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RE: m17x r3 NVidia GTX 580M graphics card performing poorly

Greetings, since I wasn't getting any intel here I stopped updating this post, thanx for replying! Here's what I've done:

-Already ran both the Support Assist stress test (the 120 minutes long one) and the BIOS video card test. Neither of them surpassed 65°C temperature tho I'm unsure if fan ever triggered (I'll get to that in a minute) because in the former it was 3 in the morning so I went to sleep, and the later I took a shower while it completed.

-I have narrowed down the problem to the system stubbornly refusing to move the card out of any Pstate that is not P4 (idle, lowest possible clock speed at 74MHz). It may be worth mentioning that I was unable to overclock the card, either with NVidia official tools, AfterBurner or another tool i forgot name.

-I recently removed and re-seated card after cleaning contacts with monitor-cleaning fluid and a white eraser (dried before reseating of course) and got sort of a reaction, I got a BSOD (driver irql not less) that forced me to boot in safe mode, disable NVidia card and then install latest driver (was running with Dell one), which the gave me a new BSOD (attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed), but only when I try to make the card do anything. At this point I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, and am too exhausted to perform yet another clean install (9 and counting).

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RE: m17x r3 NVidia GTX 580M graphics card performing poorly

You GPU may well be on the way out, it is starting to get a little old now.

If you have Command Center and OSD installed you should be able to hit the function and F7 keys, this will force the laptop to reboot and use ONLY the nvidia GPU.

Have a look in device manager, if you see two entries in "Display Adapters" (Intel & Nvidia) then the Fn/F7 key will work like I mentioned.

Try downloading and running 3DMark Vantage, there is a free version.

Run MSI afterburner in the background while performing a full test, after the test 3DMark will connect to the internet and compare your GPU and CPU test scores against others and you can see where you stand and how much if any you are behind.

Drivers play a major role with GPU's, I've seen bad drivers make games run slow, increase GPU temps and create screen tearing.

You have an old GPU, try some of the older drivers - NVidia have sort of deserted anyone who is not running a maxwell GPU, so backtracking to some older drivers may work.