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my new alienware 18

wow...what a machine I have had this system now 3 weeks all my 50 game installed right the 1st time and play on ultra setting I am seeing graphics never seen

before I had different gaming laptops over the years .asus,msi and so on. this is my first alien and totally blown away. also the case that is made for this machine

is the best I have ever seen. I seen alien in the past were very expensive thousands of dollars. but now get a top of line laptop for 2600.00 its a steal.

lets just say I well by again in the future. cant wait to see what's coming next in 5 years. 

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Re: my new alienware 18

I absolutely love mine. I have the SLI 765M 4700mq. I upgraded H/D to 256 SSD, added a 128 gig mSata and added a 1TB 7200 drive. Also upped the ram to 24 gig and installed Windows 8.

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Re: my new alienware 18

Thank you for your post, enjoy your system!

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Re: my new alienware 18

These really are awesome machines, I like that even when gaming for an hour or more at full resolution all 3 fans are running to keep that Intel Processor & those AMD Crossfire cards cool and it's not really loud. I added a 500GB Samsung 840 SSD as my primary HD and now this Alien really flies. Best of luck with yours. 

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