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network drivers for Linux OS

how to install network drivers(killer network drivers) for linux OS dual boot along with Win 10 on Alienware 15 R2

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Re: network drivers for Linux OS

Linux os isn't so flat vanilla generic as to have one file for all drivers for all releases for all versions.

UBUNTU 12.04.5  14.04  16.04 are the Long term support versions.   Ubuntu allows Side by side install or Live Booting from USB flash drive or CD.


Killer Network drivers are not usually available in linux.

There is only support through experimental or third party drivers and no support from Dell for these.

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Re: network drivers for Linux OS

I installed openSUSE 42.2 on my new AlienWare R4. Killer 1435 I believe (Qualcomm) and works like a charm. Wireless and ethernet.

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Re: network drivers for Linux OS

Here is Killer's Linux support page:


It looks like if you are using a recent Debian-based distro, the drivers should already be included in the kernel.  Otherwise, a little more work may be required.

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Re: network drivers for Linux OS

Killer Networking (Rivet) cards should be able to use Atheros/Qualcomm drivers with matching chipset.

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