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strange sound issues

So I thought I fixed this with updating drivers, but I guess not. It's occurring again. Sometimes while playing a game or browsing the web with firefox sound will bug out. What I mean is, I'll have youtube playing a playlist, that'll work fine. But if it bugs out, and I click something that plays a new audio stream into the speakers, you won't hear it. When that happens I go to playback devices and click "Test" and it'll give me the Failed to play test tone error. The funny thing is it'll sort itself out and be fine once more, only to happen again. It's really frustrating.

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RE: strange sound issues

Try the following:

- Uninstall the Audio drive.

- Download and install the latest BIOS you find in the support website.

- Perform a power drain.

- Reinstall the audio driver.

Let me know if those steps help you.  

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