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the wonderful world of dell.

First off i just want to say that i am on the dell payment plan( very bad idea) .  i had a XPS 630i but that had so many problems. well really just one it locked up on me many times. Everytime i called in the tech person would do the same thing over and over again each tome and the problem would not get resolved. so they decided to first replace my graphics card and that had no effect my system still locked up (i had already ran several deep system scans and nothing came up as well as flashed the bios and clean the the registry). then they replaced my hard drive (only one even though i had 2 ) and that did not work my system still froze. So finally they decided to swap my system for an xps 8100 and an agent would call me and go over the specs with me. that never happened !!! so finally when i got the order number the specs of the 8100 did not even come close to matching  the specs of my xps 630i so finally after several calls and hours later i was told that i would receive an alienware aurora as an replacement and when i was done with that agent after going over the specs it was the same or a bit better in some parts. when i looked at the order a few days later none of the specs were right and the computer was worse than mine. so began the cycle again so finally it was fixed and i was set to what i should be. Now the Xps 8100 arrived so i refused to sign for it and told them to return it to sender which is what i was told to do by the resolution specialist  then about  a week a person called from dell asking where the xps 8100 was!!!!!! Well it took almost 3 weeks to get here so how on earth would it come back in 1 week?!!!!! Now i get the alienware aurora about 3 weeks later and late.  Now this whole time i payed dell for a computer that did not work right for 3 months which works out to be $245.31. this is not on top of the software support that i had to buy  which was about $120 and they said that i used one incident but they never could fix or they said that it was a hardware problem.    so wanted something to compensate me for the time lost and money spent. i asked for a monitor and i was told no so asked for a blue ray drive for my computer and looks like i wont get one. i was offered a  McCaffe or a office home and student edition. both of which i already have . I do not want to talk to some one over in India!!!!!!! I want to talk to some one in America!!!!!

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