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warranty help

I was wondering as I have stumbled into an issue with my x51, after approx. 4 months of perfect functionality, it starts to turn off if i play any form of game. I am pretty sure this isn't a hardware problem but not sure, would a problem like this come into the lines of the warranty?

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Re: warranty help

Hi Undeadseagull,

This could be easily a hardware problem, and it could also be a software problem, it is important to try to define what component is failing in order to decide what type of service is required. It's always good to start by ruling out software issues, you can restore the system back to factory settings, following the steps in this article:

What is AlienRespawn?

Or if it only happens when playing games and you don't want to start with the factory restore, you can also update the graphics driver and test overheating issues, check out these articles:

Alienware X51 - System overheating or shutting down, low fps, low performance

Alienware: Video Driver Clean Installation

And make sure the system is using the Nvidia graphics on the games and not the integrated graphics:

Correct set-up of games on NVIDIA Optimus Driver

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