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How to contact Dell under EU Legal Warranty? (lightbleed)

Good day, my warranty has expired three months ago, but I should be still covered by EU Legal Warrany for a year. And I have no idea how to contact Dell support. Perfect case is via email, but on product page I can only call 069 9792 7200, and hint at the bottom says:

Hinweis: Dieser gebührenpflichtige Service ist für Produkte vorgesehen, deren Garantie abgelaufen ist. 

I do not speak German =(, but as far as I understood via translator - it's a paid phone call, isn't it?

My issue is actually pretty extreme lightbleed. I have not used my laptop's screen for a while and then it turned out to have bright light spots and beams from the bezel. I suppose that issue is not related to display itself, bezel aged and curved a bit over time (not noticeable by eye) and it caused lightbleeding. If I slightly push it on one side, than bleeding becomes much less.

Such a great laptop otherwise...

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regards Martin

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