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120hz monitors?


When is the Alienware 15 getting the 120hz back??????

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Re: 120hz monitors?

Hi @seaeagle2323,

We have no info about it at the moment.

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Re: 120hz monitors?

Probably not until they can find a supplier that can make a 4K 120 Hz display that meets Alienware's standards for things like response time and maybe supports HDR since that's going to be the new thing for laptops this year and a hypothetical 4K 120 Hz display would certainly be the premium offering.  But right now, I haven't seen any laptop displays at all that do 4K 120 Hz, so it would be awkward to have Alienware customers choose between a 120 Hz low-resolution display and a 60 Hz high-resolution display.  A 4K 120 Hz display would also require DisplayPort 1.4 in order to drive, and in fact I'm not even sure even that would be enough bandwidth if HDR were added.  Probably if it supported DisplayPort DSC.

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