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15 R2, screen backlight not working

My issue is that the back light of my R2 screen is not working.  Some times it will work, then turn off, then turn on again, it can be intermittent.   Right now it's off and won't come back on. My power settings are set so that they should not affect the monitor but maybe they are bugged?  The screen works fine otherwise, and my brightness slider is all the way full, but adjusting it does nothing.  It's fine if i'm in a dark room, but if there is any daylight around the screen is extremely dim. 

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Re: 15 R2, screen backlight not working

Hi @Veigr


What troubleshooting steps have you tired so far?

Try updating the video drivers.


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Re: 15 R2, screen backlight not working

Welcome to the Dell Community  @Veigr 

Try doing a "Flex" test???

While the laptop is booted and the screen is on, but in your case it can be off..

Grab the display at the upper left and right corners.

Then push one side forward and the other side backwards about 1/2" to 1"

Repeat back and forth. "Flex Test"

Post any results you see???

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Re: 15 R2, screen backlight not working

Currently the back light is working.  The flex test did not affect the light.

The back light has turned off randomly for 5-10 seconds during a game and a show I was watching, but currently it works.

It started working again after I turned it on yesterday.  It had been off for 12 hours.  Not sure if that affects it.

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