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15 R2, warranty?

So March 31st of 2016 I made the mistake of purchasing my first ever computer being an Alienware 15 R2. I didn’t know anything about it whenever I bought it and now I’m extremely frustrated not knowing what happened to the warranty I bought with it. I know it’s three years later but even last year I tried to make a warranty claim and never heard back. This computer has cost me more than it’s worth, I’ve had to replace the internal battery twice then pay someone to install it for how difficult it is to even reach the battery with the way it’s put together then I’ve had to replace the charging cable. Apart from part replacements in a matter of four months this computer has given me two blue screen of death screens, for the first one I went to my local computer place cause I couldn’t solve it. That cost me $300 out of pocket and it’s happened again. This time I am too broke to pay someone to fix it and I cannot fix it myself as every turn is a dead end. This computer is not reliable and has caused me so many issues. It couldn’t even run games for the most part even though alienware is suppose to be a gaming experience. My question is what do I do? Is there a way for me to submit for a replacement even without the warranty being active? The reason I tried to make the claim last year is because the screen on the side is bent and there is some damage where the black plastic was.

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Re: Alienware 15 R2 Warrenty?

If the unit is out of warranty, you will most likely be charged for repairs. https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/sln284409/how-to-arrange-an-out-of-warranty-repair-on-... As far as all the issues with warranty. If you had issues within the first year.. and shelled money out of pocket instead of just calling Alienware.. not much else can be said. I bought the wife a 15 R2 in 2016, and its on all original parts except an AC Cable I had to buy 3yrs later.
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