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15 R3, issues updating Nvidia drivers GTX 1070, 7700HQ processor

Hi! I have been unable to update my Nvidia drivers on my Alienware 15 R3 system since 2018. I am still stuck on Versjon, A11 of the driver. I have been able to update every other driver on the system including the BIOS to version 1.9.0. The laptop has a Intel 630/GTX 1070 with a 7700HQ processor. 

Whenever I update to the newer drivers the screen freezes. I have been able to confirm that the laptop is still running and that it is just the screen that is frozen. One fix I found was to use DDU in safe mode to uninstall both Intel and Nvidia drivers then reinstalling in normal windows but that has not helped.

In the end the only thing that works is reinstalling Versjon, A11 of the Nvidia driver. With this driver, everything appears to be working as it should. 

This has started causing problems with my ability to play some newer games. Does anyone have any fixes for this problem?

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Re: Issues updating Nvidia drivers on Alienware 15 R3 with GTX 1070 and 7700HQ processor

Use an external display and update from there.

If it freezes only on the laptop and not the external display it’s a lcd issue.

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