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15 R4, 2018, is a scam?


I know very little about hardware and gaming, I bought this laptop as I heard Alienware have a good reputation and I wanted to move onto PC gaming.

Whilst so far it is much better than any console I have come across and very fast, I have heard online that it over heats for no reason (sitting idle the fans go to 100%) and for this reason it is noisy.

Whilst the above is not a concern aside from wasting electricity, my friends have warned me that despite being an i9, for numerous reasons, I would never get the speed I was promised. They explained benchmarking to me. In particular, the fact it overheats so easily would cause the CPU to throttle or something?

I have not touched any default settings and I have installed all updates. So far I have done very little gaming despite buying this laptop in 2018 as I have been focusing on my studies.

I am curious to hear truthful responses from Dell and members on here.

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